Preliminary Credit Evaluation Request Form

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For use by prospective students seeking to enroll in a
App State Online Program through Appalachian State University

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If you have a four-year degree, please email the App State Online office for further instructions BEFORE completing this form.

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  • You may be asked to provide transcripts if questions arise during this preliminary evaluation process.
  • Please list all credit from the school where it was originally taken -- DO NOT enter transfer credit that is listed on another institution's transcript.
  • If you currently reside outside of North Carolina, please review Appalachian's out-of-state tuition and state authorization information.
  • Put "In Progress" in the "Sem/Year" column for course work you're working on now or plan to complete prior to enrollment at Appalachian.
  • Please do not add courses for which you have received grades of "C-" (C minus) or below. These courses will not transfer to ASU.
  • The quality of this preliminary evaluation is dependent upon the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide on this form.
  • This is a preliminary evaluation and is subject to change upon official acceptance to the university.
  • Be advised that articulation may take 4-5 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding transfer credit email or phone the Office of Transfer Services at 828.262.7877

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